Top 5 Malibu Rehab Centers

Top 5 Malibu Rehab Centers

Malibu has some of the very best and luxurious rehab centers available. Want to sober up in luxury surroundings, while receiving the best possible care? Read on for an overview of the very finest rehabs in the area.


Journey Malibu

The luxury rehab center is located in the stunning canyons of Malibu, offering beach access, gourmet dining, private rooms, beautiful poos and spa. From neuro-therapy to water activities, Journey Malibu aim to offer a holistic, therapeutic environment by combining a wide range of modalities.


Unlike many other 12 step programs, Journey Malibu aims to address individual needs and underlying issues that cause addiction. Clients may heal in warm, Mediterranean climate in a gorgeous house with empathic staff, making the resort one of the top rehab centers in Malibu.


Promises Treatment Center

A deluxe treatment center with individualized treatment plans, that aims to tackle a wide variety of addictions and underlying psychological issues. Promises offers both effective treatment in a soothing environment with breathtaking views and gourmet meals.


The treatment center is popular among celebrities who needs to sober up. Famous people like Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan have come here seeking help. While the program itself is hard work, at least it can be done while receiving the best possible care in gorgeous surroundings.


Cliffside Malibu

This rehab center with spiritual emphasis, tailors a highly personalized programs in luxurious surroundings. The deluxe estate is situated on two acres, overlooking Zuma beach. Their dedicated staff of leading therapists aims to uncover deep underlying issues causing addiction, in comfortable settings with a pool, private rooms and gorgeous, private meditation gardens.


Offering three levels of care including detox, Cliffside Malibu has a one-year sober guarantee. If a relapse occurs prior to obtaining one year of full sobriety, the rehab center will offer an additional 30 days free of charge. This dedicated care, combined with unrivaled luxury, firmly places Cliffside Malibu among the top 5.


Passages Malibu

It is impossible to talk about luxury rehabs in Malibu without mentioning Passages. The famous rehab center is ranked as one of the most luxurious rehabs available. Traveling patients are picked up in a limousine at the airport, before being guided into an impressive mansion, located on a sprawling 10-acre compound.


The treatment center offers holistic, individualized treatment plans combining a wide range of modalities. From individually tailed one-to-one sessions with psychotherapists to discussing important live issues with councilors and coaches while mountain hiking, their treatment plan is just as upscale as their resort.


Creative Care Malibu

Last, but not least, Creative Care Malibu was one of the first to offer treatment for both addiction and mental health disorders. Focusing on dual diagnosis, the rehab center combines the 12-steps with traditional and holistic therapies.


Offering amenities such as gourmet meals and personal trainers, the facility will cater to all your needs to ensure personal growth and spiritual healing. In thread with Malibu style treatment, clients are pampered in an exclusive, luxurious atmosphere while battling their demons and overcoming addiction.

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